HighDome PCC is an insurance company (a protected cell company) located in Malta, that helps you build your own captive solutions.

The main benefits of these solutions for small and medium companies are:

  • Overall cost of risk reduction

  • Stabilization of insurance program over time

  • Finance risks difficult to insure on the insurance markets

As part of a large international Group originating in Portugal, HighDome offers you a full service of cell management, based on our long-standing know-how and expertise.

Helping you to assess your risks and design a suitable insurance program to transfer these risks to the commercial insurance market is the primary goal of insurance brokers and risk consultants.

From now on you can count on us to develop a more sophisticated and sustainable solution for the financing of all your risks, even those that are normally uninsurable or hard to insure.

Captive insurance companies are widely used by multinationals as an alternative risk financing solution. The recurring costs of operating a captive means that such vehicles are usually set up by large organizations.

With a Protected Cell Company (PCC) the small to medium size operators can also have access to these sophisticated solutions by means of establishing their own dedicated captive vehicle (a cell) without substantial additional investment.

A cell captive is the best and safest alternative for small to medium size companies to retain corporate insurance risks.

Why Malta? Why HighDome?

The combination of EU-compliant PCC regulations and the Maltese tax system offer a very attractive package for Malta-based insurers and cell promoters. Add to this a flexible, efficient legal and regulatory environment, a multilingual educated workforce and low operational costs and Malta presents itself as the perfect location for your captive cell.

Inspired by Malta’s history of resilience, as it stands in the middle of the Mediterranean sea as a bastion of independence against all the invasions and attacks it suffered throughout the centuries, we guarantee in our service the same values of confidence, solidity and strength.

Malta’s unique conditions and its history motivated us to become HighDome PCC, an innovative and consolidated alternative to risk transference, because like Malta, we know that your plans are made to last.